Dark Web Scanning

Your Data Might be for Sale on the Dark Web

The “dark web” consists of hidden websites that can’t be reached without special software. You won’t find these sites on a search engine and you can’t get to them from a standard web browser.

The iceberg metaphor is commonly used to illustrate the internet we all know (the clearnet), the deep web, and the dark web. The internet that most users visit is the visible part of the iceberg. But below the surface, criminals buy and sell lists of hacked usernames, passwords, and other personal information.

TCG’s best-in-class dark web scanning tool searches data breaches for stolen credentials from your company’s domains. If an account is compromised, an alert prompts your staff to change their passwords and increase their vigilance.

Don’t let hackers destroy what you’ve worked so hard to build. Partner with TCG. We’re more than the premier Managed Services Provider in Boston. We’re cybersecurity experts with the cutting-edge tools necessary to secure your business.

Dark Web Scanning
Protection Includes:


Continuous Dark Web Monitoring


New Breach Alerts


Security Risk Assessments


Annual Security Training Courses

Work with an IT consulting company that prioritizes online security.

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