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How easy is it for cybercriminals to breach your company’s defenses?  Do you have the visibility necessary to stop an attack in progress?

The best way to answer these questions is to deploy a Breach Detection platform and manage it 24/7 from a Security Operations Center (SOC).

But is it even possible to hire, train, and keep the IT professionals necessary to run a SOC? There is already a massive Cybersecurity hiring gap in the United States, with more than 300,000 unfilled positions.

A great alternative is TCG’s Managed Security offering. After reviewing your infrastructure, budget, risk tolerance, and compliance requirements, our Cybersecurity specialists can recommend a Breach Detection platform that meets your unique needs.

Two options to consider are (MDR) Managed Detection & Response and (XDR) Extended Detection & Response. Once an MDR or XDR solution has been deployed, our US-based SOC team can monitor, alert, and remediate as needed.

What's the Difference?

CyBlok MDR marries people, processes, and technology for round-the-clock protection. It includes network visualization, insider threat monitoring, anti-malware, traffic analysis, and endpoint security in one cohesive service.

Our Security Operations Center works for you, reviewing unusual privileged user activity and monitor for anomalous network activity in real-time.

Do you need advanced reporting capabilities? MDR can summarize every incident that was investigated, the accounts that have been monitored, and any suspicious findings.

CyBlok XDR is like MDR but next-level. From a single pane-of-glass, our team can correlate network-level information and endpoint agent data.

XDR’s automated playbooks present an actionable picture, not a research project. Collecting the data upfront speeds up the analysis process significantly. And with prioritized workflows, issues are handled in a consistent way every time.

Unique to XDR is its ability to perform automated containment and repair. With the proper configuration, XDR can limit network access, revoke credentials, and quarantine malicious messages without human intervention.

CyBlok MDR & XDR Feature:


Continuous 24/7 Monitoring


Real-Time Response


Quick and Easy Deployment


Comprehensive Reporting

We work tirelessly to keep cybercriminals out.

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