Safe Travels: Cybersecurity on the Road 

By September 21, 2018 Blog
Plane Flying into Logan Airport

You’re traveling for business tomorrow. You packed your bag. Bought your tickets. Booked the hotel. You even remembered to turn on the voicemail away message.

Did you safeguard your technology? Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are expensive and often contain highly valuable information. That makes travelers a major target.  

Before you leave, make sure to: 

  • Update your software. Update your apps and antivirus protection. Upgrade to the newest Operating System available. Safeguarding against known threats and vulnerabilities is key to protecting your personal and professional data. 
  • Back up your data. Redundancy is the best way to avoid a catastrophe. Back up your contacts, your work email, and your important corporate data on another device – or better yet – with a secure cloud service.  
  • Lock it up. You don’t expect someone to walk into your living room and log into your laptop. But what about in the airport or hotel lobby? Just a few minutes away can be catastrophic. Enable the lock feature on your devices and always use strong PINs and passwords. 

Once you hit the road, remember to: 

  • Disable autoconnectSome devices automatically connect to open wireless networks. With some devices, Bluetooth can connect to a peripheral like headphones without a password. Disable autoconnect so that you’re only connecting to networks you know and trust. 
  • Connect carefully. Before you connect to a public wireless hotspot, confirm that the network name and information match what the staff say they ought to be. Never perform highly sensitive work on a public network or on a shared computer. 
  • Click cautiously. It’s dangerous to click an unknown link or download a file you aren’t sure about. Delete suspicious emails. Don’t install applications without knowing they’re safe. And even you are confident, it doesn’t hurt to run an antivirus scan before opening or installing a file. 
  • Watch your technology. Don’t give thieves an opportunity to walk off with your system. Stay vigilant and minimize your risk. 

When you get back to the office, consider adopting those same security measures permanently. Prioritize security and make it part of your routine.  

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