Your Noble Cause Needs Affordable Support

An Administrative Coordinator with a homeless outreach program was once quoted as saying, “In the non-profit world, a role often entails much more than the job description ever indicates.” We often reflect on that. No single descriptor can contain your team’s level of dedication and sacrifice.

That means, of course, that they are too busy putting out fires to take on IT responsibilities, too. When a computer, server, or network breaks down, your charitable work grinds to a halt. Even worse? The expenses incurred with a reactive approach to IT can be more than 25% higher.

We are proud to boast about nearly thirty years of expertise supporting Boston-area non-profits. That experience really matters when it comes to planning for and achieving a stable and secure IT future. Importantly, when we recommend a solution, cost containment (both short term and long term) is top-of-mind.

If your non-profit needs the comprehensive protection afforded by Managed Services, we are here to help. To get the conversation started, contact us now!

Our Customizable Offering Includes:


Breach Detection and Prevention


Data Backup and Recovery


Proactive Maintenance


Remote and Onsite Support


Telework / Work From Home

To serve the community, you need high quality IT support.

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