Top 15 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services Over Break/Fix

By December 11, 2019 Blog, Legal

In the world of outsourced IT, there are many kinds of vendor-client relationships, but they generally fall into one of two categories: Break/Fix and Managed Services.

Break/Fix is a fee-based service that depends on the client contacting the IT services company when repairs and upgrades are needed. Break/Fix projects are generally billed on a time-and-materials basis: the client pays for any necessary parts and an agreed-upon hourly rate for labor. Labor rates may be estimated or fixed.

With Managed Services, the IT partner (called a “Managed Services Provider” or “MSP”) takes on a much more proactive role. An MSP’s focus is maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime of computer and network infrastructure. MSPs generally offer predictable monthly rates paid on terms.

Business owners often grapple with the choice between these models. What are the benefits of a fully managed or co-managed IT provider? Here are 15 reasons why an MSP relationship might be the best decision your company ever made:

Less Downtime and More Peace of Mind

  1. Fewer interruptions and faster problem resolution means more hours of productivity overall
  2. Monitoring tools enable technicians to run repair commands in the background without affecting user work activity
  3. Backup, recovery, and business continuity plans that are triggered after disaster hits
  4. Protected technology with easy warranty management
  5. Streamlined subscription support managed by the MSP, not the client
  6. By outsourcing IT, the client organization can focus on scaling their business
  7. 8×5 support for most issues but emergency support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


  1. Easier and more predicable budget planning
  2. More generous labor rates when projects are required

Professional Support

  1. Dedicated technical account manager, client success team, and vCIO
  2. Impartial technology planning assistance from a trusted adviser
  3. An ever-evolving list of supported solutions, including cutting edge technologies
  4. Live Help Desk from trained, certified, and professionally coached technicians
  5. Instead of a siloed approach to IT responsibilities, a global view of corporate solutions and security vulnerabilities
  6. Uninterrupted assistance when inhouse IT support goes on vacation

Let the experts managed your IT rather than having staff members try to figure out the problem. Time is money and downtime can be serious money! Contact us if you’d like to discuss the benefits of a Managed Services partner for your organization!

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