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By March 2, 2018 Blog
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How to Solve the 3 Toughest Challenges 

So, you’re thinking about implementing a remote workforce? That’s smart… like, saving-thousands-of-dollars smart. With transportation and car-related expenses—on average—your employees are spending a thousand dollars a month in gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance. When you consider the stress that commuting presents, staffing remotely becomes a major investment in their wellbeing.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Employers can expand their talent pool, reduce their turnover rate, and gain scheduling flexibility. In the event of a disaster that renders your headquarters unavailable, remote employees can keep working without missing a beat.

Of course, hiring offsite staff comes with its own challenges. How do you create a shared vision of success? Maintain productivity? Delegate? Connect everyone and create a sense of culture and belonging?

Three of the toughest challenges are best tackled with the help of a trusted managed services company.


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The Challenge | Whether you’re talking to your team or answering questions from your customers, communication makes up a significant portion of your day. It’s also the toughest challenge while working remotely. You need solutions that accommodate working from anywhere while providing the efficiency of working in the office.

The Solution | There are two main managed services that optimize your communications while working remotely. VoIP leverages IP telecom solutions that allow you to converse with colleagues and customers at the same time from virtually anywhere. While Office 365 provides Microsoft’s most powerful productivity tools including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. High-quality technology drives real-time collaboration.


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The Challenge | Mobile devices—especially off-site—increase risk of breaches, security gaps, and downtime. If your personal devices have full access to confidential data, then you fear a data breach if your device is lost or stolen. Since most cyber attacks occur through email, keeping mobile and other devices that are connected to your email safe is critical to protecting your organization.

The Solution | With endpoint protection you keep your laptops, tablets and mobile devices safe from cybercriminals. You’ll gain training on how to protect your personal devices and gain extensive security procedures for keeping your hardware safe from phishing emails, ransomware, viruses and other cyber attacks.


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The Challenge | Protecting your network from unauthorized users and malicious attacks start with restricting access. But, finding that IT sweet spot between giving your team the resources they need to succeed and limiting access from damaging intent is difficult to pinpoint. You need a solution designed to keep your business and customers protected.

The Solution | Keeping your business safe and your customer’s data confidential begins with network security services. Your systems are analyzed, and security procedures are implemented to close gaps in your defenses. Plus, we’ll give proper authorization to certified users and create a multi-layer approach to protecting your network, servers, hardware, and ultimately, your business.


Keeping your employees, customers, and business safe while working remotely isn’t difficult, but it does require the expertise of an IT professional. We’re here to help make the addition of a remote workforce easy and painless. You’ll save thousands and gain the freedom to hire and work anywhere.

Contact TCG today to learn more about our remote services and how we can help you safely work from anywhere.


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