Six Reasons to Switch: Find Your Company’s Voice with VoIP

By June 20, 2018 Blog
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When we mention to clients that we offer the best-in-class VoIP telephone system MaxCS by AltiGen Communications, one of the first questions we get is, “What exactly is VoIP?”

Here’s the short and simple version: instead of transmitting the signal over a phone line like a traditional system would, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) converts the audio into data that is relayed over the internet.

Beyond offering great sound quality and dependable service, what does VoIP offer businesses? Why bother switching? Here are six noteworthy reasons:

#1  Cost  In a recent AltiGen case study, Andrew Cooper, Assistant VP at the First State Bank Nebraska was quoted as saying: “Our monthly phone costs decreased from $6,000 to $2,400 per month…we immediately saw efficiencies and reduced cost.”

  • Never pay thousands of dollars to install new phone lines again.
  • Pay dramatically less for long distance service every month.
  • Gain productivity with dozens of useful features that come standard with VoIP that would be expensive add-ons with your local carrier.

#2  Integration  VoIP integrates seamlessly with Hosted Skype for Business, which is a powerful communication tool in the Microsoft Office 365 family of applications. Does your current phone system support email, web meetings, video chat, and instant messaging? If it doesn’t, you’re missing out.

#3  Fast Deployment  Switching to VoIP is fast, in part because the hardware and software are intuitive. With the First State Bank of Nebraska example, converting their 17 locations and training their 200+ staff members took less than a week. Small deployments can take mere hours.

#4  Management  VoIP phone systems are a breeze to manage. Don’t wait around all day for the phone company when you need to add or move an extension. TCG can make changes like that with a few mouse clicks.

And it has never been easier for senior staff to see detailed call metrics – who called, how long each conversation lasted, how many calls were missed, etc.

#5  Mobility  Missing important calls means losing revenue. Whether your staff is on the road or working from home, VoIP means they’re on the same platform. And with automated call transfers, a customer call can be transferred to another device anywhere in the world.

Your employees can even take a call right from their computer as long as they have an internet connection and a microphone.

#6  Disaster Recovery  Let’s say you turn on the weather channel and find out that a hurricane is barreling towards your call center in New Jersey. With VoIP, you can re-route the calls to the Boston office without a moment of downtime.

That’s the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in learning more about VoIP, give us a call. We have more than thirty years of experience installing and maintaining phone systems in the Northeast.


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